Glowing in Black Ink!

InkI came across an interesting article on Torrent Freak about the success of a movie called - Ink.  This was a small independent film created by Jamin and Kiowa Winans at Double Edge Films.

What’s interesting about this film is they couldn’t land a distribution deal for either a theatrical or a DVD release. So they shopped the release themselves.

For whatever reason their film ended up on bit-torrent sites (purposely or accidentally) and soon became a cult favorite around the world.  When all said and done.. they eventually tabulated 400,000 downloads, and ended up on the Top 10 most downloaded torrents for the month of Nov. 2009.  AMAZING!!

How many film companies would love to attract 800,000+ eyeballs to one of their flicks?

Due to the notoriety of the film (for FREE) on torrent sites.. they were able to leverage the exposure for the film into more DVD and Blu-ray sales. Hitting #73 on the Amazon’s popularity chart for Movies & TV - Fantasy films.

Not bad for a film made on a $250,000 budget.

One of the ideas I try and get across to my Film Students is things are not the same as they use to be!  You got to think around the box edges… and sometimes even go outside them.  Here’s a classic example of how you can market and sell a film differently then the traditional distribution model of: theater —> VOD, —> DVD —> and lastly Television.

Certainly one size does not fit all. But sometimes you have to try it on to see if it MIGHT fit!

I don’t think Mr. and Mrs. Winan will have a problem getting their next film project off the ground and distributed!!

I’d be curious to see what type of deal they Ink next.

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