Ah… who said packaged DVD goods is dead!  Looks like Netflix has done a turn back on their DVD mail order business.

Netflix currently offers more than 100,000 disc titles and only 17,000 streaming titles.

Death of the DVD

Netflix appears to be going back to its physical roots while it also amps up efforts to secure coveted subscription video-on-demand rights to movies and TV shows!”

What’s old is new again! 

THE TUNNEL MOVIE - on Bit-Torrent/VoDo

Interesting to see the changes in the number of total downloads for the new Australian movie - THE TUNNEL.   (Note: As of right now they are at 805 downloads, with 545 seeders.  Not as many as I would have thought out of the gate.)

The story of THE TUNNEL MOVIE is VERY unique! (Read about it here) They have bypassed all traditional methods of film distribution by FIRST uploading their film to VoDo using the Bit-Torrent technology.

At the same time they are offering the EXTENDED version of a DVD and other items for sale on their web site, and also on the VoDo’s website.

I blogged about how one Film Family - The Winans did the same thing somewhat with their picture - INK.  Somehow it got leaked (or on purpose.. they have never said) onto Bit-Torrent, and became one of the biggest downloads for the month.  You can read about it here.

Distribution for film and video is changing very, very fast!!

At Blackrock Films we’re also looking at unique and new ways of distributing quality film and video content. I still think the TRADITIONAL method of theactical, DVD/Blu-Ray, VOD, etc. is still the way to go if the film fits the proper audience.  But in some cases.. all these delivery systems might not be needed.

I’ll be watching this new method by THE TUNNEL gang closely.  So far, the numbers aren’t overly large.  But it’s early in the delivery process for this method. 

More to follow!  Peace out!


PS:  I’m currently downloading the movie using VUZE.  So far after 1 hour I’ve only been able to download 24% of the film.  See!  Torrent is STILL a pain in the arss in my opinion.  I’ll update on the total time, the quality of the picture after I get a copy of the film.

Update: May 21, 2011 @ 6pm.  Sorry!  I can’t do an update.. because I’m no longer here on earth.   (But #TheTunnelMovie was AWESOME!!)


Changes in the Video RETAIL landscape!

Quite a week for the RENTAILER video business this week.

First the announcement of Blockbuster Canada going into creditor protection, and then Videomatica, one of the oldest video rental/retail locations in Vancouver is closing their doors for good.

I commented about the possible reasons on the Vancouver Sun article today.

I think Graham and Brian had a FANTASTIC run.. I’ve know them and their business going back to the late 70’s when I was in distribution at Video One Canada (before it transformed into E1 Entertainment).  I remember living in Kits and going to their store to get just that!  The odd title that you could never get at a regular video rental store.  They always knew their market…. and catered to it.  Many tried to duplicate it.. but failed!

It’s a sad day for Vancouver; Kits and the video rental business! 

However, Great Job Guys!   And thanks for severing up great entertainment product for the Vancouver community over the last 28 years!!

Does it really!   What about all the Billions, and Billions of DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s sold over the last decade???   They just don’t exist??  Hmmmmmmmm!

DVDs and Digitial Locks: Fix Bill C-32

Great explanation on why the current form of BILL C-32 being tabled is not the right approach to be heading for Canada. 

Graham Williams video here tells you exactly why… and I don’t think most Canadians know this.  If you asked ANY Canadian if that DVD, Blu-Ray, or HD-DVD movie THEY purchased from Walmart or Best Buy was NOT ACTUALLY OWNED by them…. they’d think you were crazy.

Well folks.. crazy is, as crazy does!