Dark Side of the Single!

Looks like very little has changed since I talked about Pink Floyd taking EMI to the wall on releasing their CD, - Dark Side of the Moon in single tracks.

If you check out i-Tunes, the album is still available in single tracks.  Mind you some of the tracks you only get with the full album purchase. (‘Time’ and ‘Us & Them’)

What’s happening here?   Why has Apple not reacted?  Why has EMI not reacted?  What will be Floyd’s next move on this.

Will be interesting to see the results.   As this one article talks about the future of the music industry might rest on artists SELLING full CD’s and not just single tracks to survive!   Or Rob Dicken’s, ex-Warner Music UK comments at the recent City Music convention that maybe FULL CD’s should be closer to single track pricing to spur the industry and attract those away from illegal downloading!

Something in my opinion, the Hollywood Industry should start to take notice!  How are you going to bring back those lost bit-torrent downloaders, and DVD burning public to the paying model.  

"Time" will only tell!